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2018 Dragon Boat Challenge

Why are the Entry Categories and the Team Categories remaining unchanged this year?

We listened to your feedback.

In 2016 and again in 2017 we had three categories of winners with finals for each. There were no semi-finals.

The categories were Ladies Only, Mixed (where there must be at least four women paddlers (not to include the drummer) and the Open Category. This system appears to work well, so a trophy, an acrylic dragon, was presented to each category winner, together with a Winners Cup which is held for one year. The Winners Cups are engraved with the appropriate category winners names.

In addition medals were presented to the winners (gold) , runners up (silver) and third place (bronze) of each category. 

This again appeared to be well received, and certainly gave some teams a reason for celebration.

Some teams , particularly those teams who had supported the event for many years said it was getting more difficult to raise personal sponsorship. So in 2017 we enhanced  the range of Entry Packages, some of which do not require personal sponsorship. The Gold  and Silver packages were more expensive than the standard Bronze package but accrued several benefits. Several teams took advantage of the available Silver Packages and the benefits accruing to them will be reviewed for further enhancements before 2018.