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Personal Definition of Rotary


Rotary is fantastic. We have lots of laughs and loads of fun at our weekly meetings, and whilst undertaking projects that benefit communities and people needing help. The feeling of self-satisfaction and reward is tremendous. There is a good social life and there are opportunities to make lots of new friends.
Paul Simpson

Membership gives an opportunity to have fun, at meetings and whilst undertaking the many and varied projects and activity opportunities on offer, and to make friends whilst giving something back to communities.
I have been a Rotarian for over 25 years and I consider it to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
David Sparrow

Working on projects with young people Rotary has a profound effect on me. I now appreciate how difficult life can be for some youngsters and how important it is to support them to overcome the difficult issues in their lives.
Tim Noble


I see Rotary as a vehicle to be able to turn thought to deed when it comes to putting something back and achieving worthwhile projects. Rotary enables you; Rotarians support you and help you with a prompt and a path to overcome hurdles. It can provide the support and backing to turn a good thought into a life changing act of charity.
Geoff Shaw